On this free webinar you'll discover:

  • How to start identifying why you get stuck 
  • How to uncover negative thought patterns that are holding you back 
  • Affirmations and actions to create momentum for change

About the Webinar

Now is the time to take inventory of negative thought patterns and finally transform your life. In this 25-minute webinar, Jaime will provide a background on her method, and will share some of the foundational pillars that make it highly effective. You'll identify your current thoughts and actions that are keeping you from what you want, and leave with solutions that you can start implementing right away.  These tangible steps that you can take right out of the gate will start you on your path to permanent, lasting transformation.  

Meet Your Host:
Jaime B. Haas

Jaime B. Haas is a transformational guide who works with clients to radically and permanently change their lives and finally get what they want. Through her unique method, Jaime has seen incredible transformations in her own life and healed all of the relationships with herself and others. After completing the healing process, Jaime was able to manifest her true love and get married at 44, she had her son at 45, and launched her business at 46. For years, her work has helped countless others transform their lives, spreading only by word of mouth. Now, she wants to share this work with others who are ready for change. Are you ready?

Kim S.

"Jaime helped me discover a greater depth of inner guidance & love within myself that has been life-changing. Thanks to Jaime, I am now living a more authentic, joyful, &  love-filled life."

Napolean C.

“The results have been amazing. I uncovered old ideas and concepts that were holding me back. Best of all, I was able to let them go and leave them in the past."

Leslie M.

“Jaime taught me how to live life confidently without the rusted armor. They are simple techniques with huge results. I’ve done a 180 on how I approach life, my family, & most importantly myself."